Point of Sale

BMT Point of Sale Features – Tons of Features and more to come to make your business easier




  • Manage Multiple Services

bmt-pos-baru-02Navigate Through Multiple Services

Manage multiple services with just one account login. Simply filter reports and inventory by service, or select all services for a complete view.


Create Permission Based on Service

Create employee accounts and assign permission based on service. So Budi can only make transactions at Outlet A, Cindy can manage outlets B & C, while the owner can always access all outlets.



  • Shift Management (or Cash Drawer Management)

bmt-pos-baru-06Track Cash Flow

Gain control to maintain accountability of the cash moving in and out of your store. Know exactly how much money should be in the cash register at any given time.







  • A Whole New Way of Knowing Your Customers

bmt-pos-baru-05Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Send the receipt via email and gain your customer database. Knows who’s coming to your shop, what they’re buying, how oftenthey visit , and more.








Send Email Receipt

Send receipt via email. Personalize receipts with your logo and social media info





Collect Feedback

Customers leave feedback directly from their email receipt.





Respond to Customer Feedback

View and reply to your customer feedback. Show your customers you care.




  • Manage Multiple Orders


Save a New Order

Assign a new customer order to a table number. Keep the bill open while you process a new transaction.


Switch Between Open Bills
Employees need to enter authorization code to modify a bill that is already saved.




  • Track Server


Know What Your Staffs are Doing

Select the staff that serves your customer during checkout. Staff report on the on the back-office allows you to calculate






  • Invoice


Get Paid Partially, Set Due Date for Payment

Allow customers to pay in the future after the transaction takes place. Invoices are used to request payment from buyers, keep track of sales, help control inventory and facilitate delivery of goods and services.




  • Analytics That Makes Sense


Comprehensive Reporting

Spot what’s selling, gain insights on peak and low hours, track staff performance, and more realtime, anywhere.

Do the Books!

Export any reports to Excel and keep your accountant happy. Now, you can spend more time selling to your customers.


  • Inventory Management


Inventory Management You Can Count On

Track all incoming and outgoing items. Receive a daily email detailing items that are low or out of stock. Inventory Management allows you to plan your inventory better, directly increasing your profit.



a. Supplier
Track your supplier information to speed up re-orders. Purchase orders are sent to suppliers via email.

b. Purchase Order
Use purchase orders to add incoming stock.

c. Transfer
Transfer and track stock movements from one outlet to another.

d. Adjustment
Perform stock-takes and compare expected stock with actual inventory. Make necessary adjustments.


  • Managerial Permission


Have Control Over What Your Staff Can Do

Employees are able to process transactions but require supervisor code to perform specific functions like issuing refunds or modifying a bill. Only you or the manager you assign can access the back-office.



a. App Only
Give permission to your staff to make transactions on the app for you. There is no limit to the number of staffs you can invite.
b. App & Back-office
Only you and the managers you assign can access this Back-office.